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166 Space is honoured to present Evaporate, a solo exhibition of Jin Shan’s recent sculpture and installation works that showcase his continued interest in the conflict between individual desire and communal destiny.

Evaporation is the initial stage of refining materials. Ancient alchemists used the reciprocating quenching process of rectification and purification to achieve sublimation. Likewise, a human’s spirit dies, is resurrected and thus refined. Through the context of traditional alchemy Jin Shan’s philosophical generalization conveys a consideration of life, death and the spiritual realm. The artist reinterprets existing ideologies by piecing together fragmented objects, human bodies and situations into a radically new visual narrative- a narrative that maps the multidirectional twists of human spirituality, it’s relationship to time and the body.

About Artist:

Jin Shan (b.1977, Jiangsu Province) graduated from Faculty of Fine Art of East China Normal University in 2000, currently works and lives in Shanghai. A leading voice in an emerging generation of socially engaged contemporary artists in China, Shanghai-based Jin Shan is an agent provocateur. Preferring wit and satire to aggression and conflict, his work uses allegory and play to draw audiences into a confrontation with the social, cultural and political problems of the day. While specifically describing aspects of contemporary China, his investigation of human motivation extends beyond national boundaries to the seemingly insatiable desire for power programmed into humanity’s DNA. Jin Shan’s work has been exhibited at The Venice Biennale, the Singapore Biennale, The Spencer Museum, The Groninger Museum, Netherlands, David Winton Bell Gallery, Brown University, among others.

His work is in the collections of: M+ Museum, Hong Kong, China, the Kadist Foundation, Paris, France, and the DSL Collection, Paris, France and The Spencer Museum of Art, Lawrence, Kansas, USA, among others.

|Artist: Jin Shan
|Curated by Andrew Ruff

166 空间荣幸呈现靳山个展《蒸发》,这是靳山在166 ART SPACE的首次个展。

“ 蒸发 ” 是炼造物质的初始阶段——炼金术士们通过精馏、提纯的循环往复的淬炼过程,以得到升华,人的精神灵魂也由此死亡、复活、完善。原始炼金术情境式的思辨过程,艺术家的哲学概括化,传递出对原始生死与精神的现实思考。他在一系列支离破碎的物件、人体和情境再造中,将历史与现实当下的意识形态解构化——以此诠释一个人类精神性的去向与归属的星象图谱。艺术家以激进的视觉叙事展现精神之于时间和肉身的纽带关系。



|策展人:Andrew Ruff