166 Art Space is a 100 square meter non-commercial, not for profit exhibition space designed initially to highlight aspects of a collection of Chinese contemporary art that began some 20 years ago.

The collection, now comprising more than 100 works, focuses on the careful selection of artists and the acquisition of their work over the progression of their careers. We had the opportunity to take the ground floor of a beautiful 1936 building to host a series of rotating exhibitions from the collection, and to serve as a platform for modest pop-up exhibitions and curatorial projects going forward.

Our hope is to give something back to the Chinese contemporary art community in Shanghai, which has enriched our lives and has served as a thoroughly inspirational narrative for the last twenty years.

— Andrew Ruff & Ling Ling Zou


这批数量达到100多件的收藏,涵盖我们精心挑选的许多中国当代艺术家及他们的职业生涯发展中的重要作品。 正当我们苦于无处展示藏品的时候,我们竟有幸地得到了这间建于1936年的上海老房子的一楼,最幸运的是,房子就坐落在我们家的对门!老房子的门牌号166号就顺理成章成了我们空间的名字。


— Andrew Ruff & Ling Ling Zou