Press Release 新闻稿 Artworks 参展作品
展望 Zhan Wang
隐形 1# Forms in Flux No. 1
Hammered stainless steel with blowtorch-flamed surface and 3D printed scupture 不锈钢敲制,3D打印雕塑,喷火枪烤色
154 x 88 x 75 cm
欧阳春 Ouyang Chun
便秘的星星 Constipated Star
Article, stone 现成品,石头
125 x 42 x 44 cm
陈彧君 Chen Yujun
亚洲地图 No.190120 Map of Asia No.190120
Mixed midea on paper, the old door 纸本综合拼贴,旧门
209 x 91.5 cm